Perfecting Your Pitch

Every writer knows that pitching a story can be a big challenge. How do you balance the need to convey the essence of a story with the need to avoid bogging down in detail?

As a publicist, I learned to tell other’s stories. When it came time to talk about my writing skills and style, I was uncertain about what to say. Many writers told me they had similar issues. They could write, though they had trouble talking about themselves.

In this workshop, I present the series of questions that I used to produce my bio, book summary and synopsis, write my website, all social media pages, and develop my marketing & publicity plan.

By answering the questions, participants will be able to develop an outline of what they’re about, along with details on their book, and its characters. They’ll learn the all-important skill of being prepared to confidently get the message of their story across in the time available, whether it’s one minute (130 words), five (650 words), or ten minutes (1300 words), based on an average reading speed of 130 words per minute.

Once the participants have edited the material, they can practice reading it out loud, and perfect their pitch.

Here’s an example:
My short bio is 99 words long. It takes approximately 35 seconds to read aloud.

Margo Bates is a published author who pitched and successfully marketed her writing to media outlets in North America, Europe, and the UK. She has worked on high-profile public relations projects and events in Canada, the United States and London, England with her Vancouver-based company, Margo Bates Publicity. She’s a professional member of Canadian Authors, and an alumna of Erma Bombeck Humour Writers Workshop, University of Dayton, Ohio. And, she’s a darn good cook.