Marge’s Diner Recipes

Here are five draft recipes in PDF format as we’re still in testing mode. Enjoy these summer samplers.

Marge’s Diner Moppin’ Sauce
Our family’s favourite. Easy to make. Tangy, sweet + slightly spicy. Use on meats, poultry, seafood like halibut, shrimp
Yields 10 cups / 2.5 L

Crème Fraîche
Versatile. Tart + silky, it has a high heat tolerance, is great for cream sauces, smoothies, and as toppings for fruit, veggies, pastas
Yields 4 cups / 1 L

Best Ever Vinaigrette
Slightly acidic + slightly sweet, it’s delicate and thick at the same time. Perfect for salad greens, veggies, mixed with créme fraîche on potatoes
Yields Approximately 2/3 cup (158 mL)

Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting
Love bananas? Adore peanut butter? Desire frosting? Combine them. You’ll be smitten!
Yields 9 to 16 slices

Telkwa Hall Rum Punch
This punch is a hit with young and old. It’s our family’s most requested recipe.
Yields 75 to 100 cups