My official writing career began on my tenth birthday. My Nana Noonan sent me a fountain pen, a bottle of turquoise ink, and a fancy box of stationery. She’d written a note on the box: Hi, Margo. Happy Birthday. Send me a letter. Love, Nana.

Nana wrote to me. My Mom’s oldest sister Molly wrote to her. Most often they’d write about the same thing. We could compare the letters and find out the real story. I learned that some of the ‘news’ in the letters from Nana was not for immediate publication. It made for a reading experience beyond compare. The richness of their descriptions was pure entertainment. What they left out, we read between the lines.

The incidents and events in my stories happened in one way or the other. While the characters are based on real people; they are mostly fictional composites. Any relationship to living people is shocking and purely coincidental

If you’re ever up that way the last weekend in August, be sure to attend the Bulkley Valley Exhibition (AKA the Smithers Fall Fair) and stay a few days so you can get in on the action at the Telkwa Barbecue on Labour Day weekend.

The Smithers Skating Club might exist in some form. The New Year’s Day Ice Follies is purely fictional. Although there was a skater once …

My books are dedicated to my grandparents, parents, husband, kids, grandkids, cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends, and of course,  all our dogs, past, present and future. Thanks for your love, friendship, and support. By the way, thanks for the material!