Maps and Places in the Pacific Northwest

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and often travel to the region, which is still home to me. It’s important that my readers have the opportunity to visit this amazing area, if only via the internet.


Map of British Columbia’s Pacific Northwest from Prince George to Prince Rupert
Source: Province of British Columbia

Map of British Columbia


Telkwa, BC

I have a confession. Never one to let facts get in the way of a good story while writing P.S. Don’t Tell Your Mother, I added a few hundred residents to my old hometown, stating that the population was 852. In fact, there were 580 people counted in the 1956 census, and by 1960, Telkwa had decreased to 576. That might be because my parents and I moved to Terrace that summer, just before the count. Maybe the fourth one was our dog.

History of Telkwa – Grandad Noonan became the first station agent in Telkwa in 1922. The family lived at the station until 1933 when they moved to the house off the alley behind St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. Nana remained in the house until her death on October 30, 1984, just a few hours before Halloween, her least favourite day of the year.

Walking Tour of Historic Telkwa – Check out #2 St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, across the alley from Nana and Grandad Noonan’s house at #5. Phillips & Shepherd’s General Store is # 7, and at #15, Hong Chong’s Laundry & Bath House was purchased by my parents, who enlisted our family’s support as they renovated it into popular Cottonwoods Café.

Terrace, BC


Culture & History of Terrace